Galit Mersand
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Move and be Moved

Welcome to Galit's Website!

Galit is a professional Belly Dance performer and teacher, public speaker and the founder Moving Body Awareness (MBA)

Her driving motivation is to promote the integration of Body and Mind/Heart through dance and movement.

She runs weekly classes in Brighton and regular workshops in Brighton & London and is regularly invited to teach, perform and give talks all over the country

"Dance gives me a direct experience of being 'right here, right now'" Galit Mersand

Weekly Classes at a glance - Classes resume on the 3rd of January 2017

Monday 6:3pm -7:30pm- Belly dance improver level @ Open Space Studios more
Tuesday 6pm -7:15pm -
Belly Dance for Back Health course @ 7 Dials more
Wednesday 6pm -7pm - Absolute Beginners Belly dance course @ 7 Dials more
1pm -2pm -Free taster
Beginners Belly Dance @ Brighton Natural Health Centre more
Thursday 6pm -7:15pm -
Belly Dance for Women's Health course @ 7 Dials more

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