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About Galit

Galit is a professional Belly Dance performer and teacher, public speaker and the founder Moving Body Awareness (MBA)

Galit trained from a young age in various forms of dance; ballet, jazz, contemporary, Belly Dance and Tango. She specialises in Belly Dance / Oriental Dance and is a much respected and sought after teacher of this dance form.


Galit is also a certified Yoga teacher (500 RYS) and holds a certificate in coaching (CBC).

A seasoned performer, Galit is known for her versatility and originality on and off stage with her own unique style which she developed through years of performing, teaching and speaking in different capacities.

Galit branched into comedy and a more theatrical oriented performance in 2007 when she wrote her first solo show Bellylicious which was followed by Bellylicious the Sequel in 2010. Written with a view to expose and explain Belly Dance to a wider audience these shows were a

breakthrough in Belly dance performance combining Belly Dance with stand up comedy and physical theatre. Galit performed her shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Brighton Fringe Festival and toured the UK with both shows in 2011 & 2012.

Over the years Galit introduced thousands to the art of belly dance through her classes, workshops, shows and talks. She also produced 5 instructional Belly Dance DVDs

Alongside her dance work and training, Galit studied psychotherapy and spiritual philosophies and practices in depth for many years. More recently her focus turned to promoting the integration of Body and Mind/Heart through dance and movement. She is the founder of Moving Body Awareness (MBA) - a form of meditative dance which is and expression of that integration.
MBA is gradually getting more attention from dancers and non dancers alike for its benefits to body and mind and its efficiency in improving dance technique for dancers and general movement and posture for all.

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