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Belly Dance Foundation course


What you need to do and online class:
- Wi-Fi (with reasonable broadband speed)
a lop top or computer (phone is possible to use, but not ideal because of size)
- You'll need to register with - It's FREE
- You'll need a small space to move

Any questions - email Galit or call 07957636151


Belly Dance Foundation course
5 Wednesdays starting 17th June

Time: 18:15 - 19:30 (please join 10 mins early as I will need to approve you)

This course will teach you the foundation and basic belly dance moves you need to be able to join the Monday evening Beginner/general level class.

Fee for the full course: £40 or £30 concession (drop in not available)
You are welcome to do the first class as a try out for just £5* - and if you like it pay the rest before the 2nd class.

*A 'try out' class is only available for on the FIRST SESSION of the course

Payment can be made on PayPal or via BACS (preferred to save me admin fees) if you have my bank details email me for bank details.

Please make your payment here at least 2 hours before the start of the class
if you're joining the class with someone else's computer/laptop (like a husband for example) Please let me know, so I know it's you and approve you - thanks xx

Join Zoom Meeting here
Meeting ID:
828 0881 6937

Any questions or problems, email me or call 07957636151

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