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Cabaret performance comedy


Israeli born Galit Mersand (aka Miss Bellylicious) is one of the most versatile performers of current Cabaret.

Galit's performing career started in the world of Belly Dance where she is well known and very much in demand both as a performer and teacher of the art.

Building on her virtoso belly dancing skills and utilising her impeccable comedic timing and flare for drama, Galit has created her own very unique style of Cabaret, mixing dance, stand up comedy and singing.

It is safe to say that 'outside the box' is where you'll find her and with her ever growing repertoire of dance, songs and witty text Galit is an all singing all dancing one woman extravaganza.

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For inquires and to book Miss Bellylicious email info@bellylicious.org.uk
or call +44 (0)7957636151