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Bellylicious the Sequel 2012 UK Tour dates:

Maidstone - 4th of Feb
Luton - 18th of Feb
Norwich - 25th of Feb
Bath - 10th of March
Salisbury - 31st of March
Newcastle - 19th of May
Edinburgh Fringe Festival - 3-11 of August (not 5th)

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Bellylicious the Sequel
Confessions of a Belly Dance Diva

The long awaited sequel is finally here and this time it's personal!

Enter the delightfully delirious, deliciously deranged, deep and at times dark domain of the Belly Dance Diva.

Laugh and cry as she recounts her journey
and tells you her innermost secrets, dreams
and nightmares.

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Galit's 2nd show is even more daring and surreal taking her audience on a roller coaster journey into her world with it's off the wall experiences and unexpected insights.