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"Funny, sassy, insightful and all around very enjoyable" (Mr. P. Poulten)

"Beautiful evening, transported toa nightclub in casablanca, had a great time" (Mr J. Fraser)

"Fantastic...and absolutly brilliant and funny performance... wish I had those moves and that wit!" (Mrs L. Baille)

"Just brilliant, unusual and hillarious" (Miss C. Chailoux)

"Seen the show on Tuesday, it was amazing :))) still have some lyrics in my head which now became my moto"! (Ms F. Nasri)

Yes, Galit's done it again! A second show filled with hilarious observations on life, relations between men and women, and the off-the-wall experiences of a belly dancer. All this is interspersed with the best dancing you can get. A great night out for dancers and non-dancers alike!
(Josephine Wise director and founder of JWAAD)

"Just when you're wondering what Galit can add to Bellylicious 1, she presents us with another hilarious show! Only such a talented dancer could dance so perfectly badly! It also includes a song. Is there no end to this lady's talent!! I highly recommend seeing both Bellylicious shows. A brilliant, fun night out!" (Sophie Wise)


"Bellylicious the sequel is indeed delrious, dangerrous, dark and utterly delightful from start to finish" (Hariet Gervasio of Johara dance company)


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