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Yogic Dance


Yogic Dance is an exploration of the physical expression of consciousness. It applies meditative principles of Yoga practice to elements of dance and movement. Yogic Dance is practiced with music.
Please note: This is not a postural yoga class

Classes are not running at the moment

Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm at Anahata (in the hall on the 1st floor)
Address: 119/120 Edward St, Brighton BN2 0JL

The main focus of Yogic Dance is cultivating presence which is conducive to meditative state through the following the body in movement or stillness. The physcial befefits are an added and inevitable side effect.

In each class you will learn movement techniques and drills with focus on body alignment, balance and flow. All exercises are done slowly and cater for all abilities. Simple short sequencs will be taught to enable you to let go of thinking and trust the natural flow of movement entering a state beyond words and thoughts. Sometime spontaneous movement emerges which you will have can choose to follow if you wish or just continue with the given sequence. All classes end with relaxation.

No dance or Yoga experience required.

First class £5
£10 per class - drop in
£40 for 5 classes pay cash in class or online via PayPal (£2 Paypal admin fee applies)
Buy 5 class cards for £40 (+£2 admin fee)

"The Meditative qualities of relaxed and gentle motion help shift my focus from fullness of mind to one of mindfulness.Not only have I learned valuable elements that have improved my mobility, my body has begun to breath, heal and feel alive again" Annie.K from Brighton

Benefits of Yogic Dance:

* Deep Relaxation
* Natural improvement of posture & quality of movement
* Increased flexibility and strength
* Improved listening & responding skills





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