The body is the only layer of the self where all layers can be experienced simultaneously”

Christopher Wallis / Tantra Illuminated –

Belly Dance has the power to change women’s lives. It helps align body, mind and spirit using movements which evolved through the ages. It is suitable for all abilities, ages and body types. In a subtle and joyful way Belly Dance will change your body and your relationship with it. This change will echo through other areas of your life.
Belly dancing
is an opportunity for any woman to experience a greater connection to her own body and to express her creative, spontaneous self through this beautiful ancient dance form.

Galit’s love affair with belly dance started in 1996. She has a long  standing successful career as a professional belly dancer and is considered to be one of the UK’s most respected Belly Dance teachers. She holds the only nationally recognised Belly Dance teaching qualification (JWAAD). Today Galit is is a JWAAD’s Master Teacher, Mentor and Tutor. She teaches anatomy and technique modules on the school’s Teacher Training programmes. Her deep understanding of the mechanics of movement makes her lessons accessible for anyone regardless of age or ability. Her teaching style is a combination of humour and depth.

Vajrasati Yoga

Galit is certified Vajrasati yoga teacher.
Vajrasati Yoga encourages the union body and mind, primarily using yoga postures and body work, but also through the practice of meditation and relaxation.

Galit specialises in teaching gentle Yoga and has experience working with people with no experience and often with limited physical ability due to tightness, age or injuries. Her experience includes working in old age homes, Centre of people with MS and individuals with various physical challenges.

Moving Body Awareness

Galit discovered the meditative nature of slow, focused movement while working on strengthening her technique as a dancer. Slowing movement to almost stillness in order to better understand its mechanics and improve quality. Galit found she kept going into a very present yet meditative state. This fascinated her and she went on to explore this further, first on herself and then with other people. In 2007 Galit started teaching Moving Body Awareness to people with and without dance experience, guiding them to awaken their body awareness and to trusting the flow of their own body’s movement