Body Change

The body is the only layer of the self where all layers can be experienced simultaneously”

Christopher Wallis / Tantra Illuminated –

Sometimes the change starts with the body.

Want to get fitter? Improve body image? Have more energy?

Talking about it alone just won’t cut it.

I offer tailor made Yoga and Belly Dance lessons to increase muscle tone and flexibility. These sessions will also teach you to listen to your body and work with it correctly.

I will work with you according to what your body is able to do. In time you will see noticeable changes both in how you look and in what your body is able to do.

To find out more about my experience in this area click here [link to archive page]

Working with the body is a process, results will show over time. You are welcome to have a one off session but for change to take place a minimum of 3 months regular (ideally weekly) sessions are advised. We can also discuss dietary suggestions to support your exercise routine.

Vajrasati Yoga session – can be shared by max 2 people

Vajrasati Yoga encourages the union body and mind, primarily using yoga postures and body work, but also through the practice of meditation and relaxation.

45 mins – £50

1 hr – £65

1:15 – £80

Not sure if what’s right for you?

Schedule a free 20mins introductory zoom session

Belly Dance session- can be shared by max 2 people

Belly Dance has the power to change women’s lives. It helps align body, mind and spirit using movements which evolved through the ages. It is suitable for all abilities, ages and body types. In a subtle and joyful way Belly Dance will change your body and your relationship with it.

1 hr £65