In my own words

I’m Galit, which means “wave” in Hebrew. To me life is like a wave, it goes up, it goes down, it’s sometimes rough, sometimes gentle, and at some point it breaks and falls apart (not without intense beauty, might I add). But just like a wave, life always takes us safely to shore. I have learned to “ride” my life as a skilled surfer, and I believe I can teach you to do the same.

“The only constant in life, is change” is a very real fact for me. I love change and thrive on it.

I have full trust in the Universe and understand the true meaning of not “arguing” with it because it is always on your side! Always!

Awareness, mind-set, courage, and discipline go a long way in helping life flow more smoothly. All of which, of course, are lifelong works-in-progress.

I love the thrill of meeting people and deciphering what Life wants to do through them, by listening to their story.  It’s one of my ‘superpowers’.
I’ve always been intuitive, empathic and psychic, skills that I developed over many years through study, inner work and working with people.

Oh! and I absolutely LOVE to dance! I was a professional bellydancer, performer, comedienne and taught bellydance for over 20 years. I dance Tango for fun.

I think living is like dancing. A sacred, spontaneous, wild and wonderful dance.


The Fancy Third Person Bio

Galit is a highly intuitive mentor, who specialises in supporting people through the process of change in all areas of life. Her motivation is driven by wanting to help others live their most fulfilling lives.

She is an inspired Tarot reader and offers Life readings in which she interprets messages that the Universal energy provides, shown through life events and choices.

Galit is known for her down-to-earth, direct-yet-kind approach that inspires change

Movement and the body have been key players throughout Galit’s life. Being a professional belly dancer for over 20 years (inc teacher training), a certified Yoga (restorative) teacher since 2015 and a devoted Tango dancer for 9 years, Galit is a big believer in the Body’s wisdom and its connection to the mind. Based on that belief, Galit developed a method called ‘Moving Body Awareness’. This is an exploration of pure consciousness through spontaneous and authentic movement. 

Galit coupled her belly dance career and performance to create, write and direct, 2 one-women shows; Bellylicious (2007) and Bellylicious the Sequel (2010) which she performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Brighton Fringe Festival and throughout the UK (2007-2012). Over the years, Galit has introduced thousands to the art of belly dance through her classes, workshops, shows and talks. She still loves to perform and teach when possible.

The dry facts:

What I studied:

Transpersonal psychology  1yr Foundation certificate
Process work (RSPOPUK). CPD
Vajrasati yoga teacher Training (500 RYS)
JWAAD Belly dance Teacher Training
Psychic development (College of Psychic studies)
Cognitive Behavioural Coaching  – certificate (CBC).
Non Dual philosophy and classical Tantra
Psycho-Astrology at the Centre for Psycho-Astrology (Israel)