“The angels fly because they take themselves lightly”

– G.K. Chesterton –

Alongside her dance work and training, Galit studied Transpersonal psychology and Process work (RSPOPUK). She is also a certified Vajrasati yoga teacher (500 RYS) and holds a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC).

In more recent years Galit has been inspired and informed by the teachings and practices of Non Dual philosophy and classical Tantra. She brings those teachings into her life and work.

Galit is the founder of Moving BodyAwareness – a form of spontaneous, authentic movement which is an exploration of pure Consciousness.

Galit teaches weekly Belly dance classes and workshops, runs regular workshop combining movement and inner work and offers Tarot readings for personal growth.

Galit trained from a young age in various forms of dance; ballet, jazz, contemporary, Belly Dance and Tango. She specialises in Belly Dance / Oriental Dance and is a much respected and sought after teacher of this dance form.

She’s part of the JWAAD Belly Dance Teacher training team

Galit wrote 2 one women shows; Bellylicious (2007) and Bellylicious the Sequel (2010) which she performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Brighton Fringe Festival and throughout the UK (2007-2012)

Over the years Galit introduced thousands to the art of belly dance through her classes, workshops, shows and talks.