Body Change

“The body is the only layer of the self where all layers can be experienced simultaneously” 

Christopher Wallis / Tantra Illuminated–

Move into change

  • Want to get fitter? 

  • Improve body image? 

  • Have more energy? 

Talking about it alone just won’t cut it.

Working with your body changes you on the outside, as well as on the inside. This change will ripple into your life, creating further positive changes.

This is a tailor made Yoga and movement session that increases muscle tone and flexibility, improves your posture and general body awareness.

We will work according to your abilities. In time, you will notice increased mobility and changes in how you look and feel. Dietary suggestions to support your exercise routine can be part of these sessions.

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Prices based on 1 hour long sessions
1 session £65
5 consecutive sessions –  £300 (min. once weekly)
10 consecutive sessions –  £550 (min. once weekly)

Working with the body is a process. Results will show over time. You are welcome to have a one-off session, but for change to take place and new habits to be formed, a minimum of 3 months of regular sessions is advised.

Transformation with ‘Moving Body Awareness’

Lets the body lead you into the next phase of you

Working with the Body is a powerful tool that can create positive and sometimes unexpected changes in our life. It works like a kind of magic.

This session is a private workshop that allows you to dive into your subconscious through spontaneous movement (led at first) and inner work techniques. We gain a bit of extra insight using Archetype cards.

There’s no need for any movement or dance experience.

Have a notebook and pen to write down your insights / experiences

Session length: 2.5 hrs.
Fee: £135
Not sure?Email Galit to schedule a free 20 minutes introductory chat

Not sure if what’s right for you?
Schedule a free 20mins introductory chat

Belly Dance session

Belly Dance has the power to change women’s lives. In a subtle and joyful way, Belly Dance will change your body and your relationship with it. It helps align the body, mind and spirit using movements that have evolved through the ages. This change will echo through other areas of your life.

It is suitable for all abilities, ages and body types

Belly dancing is an opportunity for any woman to experience a greater connection to her own body and to express her creative, spontaneous self through this beautiful ancient dance form.

This session can be shared by 2 people

Email Galit to schedule a free 20 minutes introductory chat

Session length: 1 hr – £65